CMMC 2.0 Level 2 Readiness

Phase I – Client onboarding meeting and planning
A. Client onboarding meeting and information gathering
B. Confirmation of Host Unit and scoped area
C. Collect information on scoped area
D. Schedule weekly meeting for the data collection and analysis
E. Set up compliance tool access
F. Assign roles and responsibilities and collect budget information
G. Secured project working area in Microsoft teams created
H. Publish of the readiness schedule

Phase II – CMMC Level 2 GAP Assessment
A. Discuss information on 110 Controls, what is required
B. Gather status information on Process implementation on 110 Controls for CMMC L2
C. Build out draft of SSP
D. Build out drat of POA&M
E. Publish draft data GAP analysis report for client to review
Phase III – Review Gap Assessment and next steps
A. Publish final report to client from KAMIND’s compliance tool
B. Review report to client
C. Present remediation plan or CMMC L2 deployment
D. Clients sign off on CMMC L2 Gap Analysis

FutureFeed Partner Status:
Partnership Pending
Provider Type:
Candidate C3PAO
Authorized C3PAO
RPs (Registered Practioners): 5
PAs (Provisional Assessors): 1
CCPs (Certified Professionals): 2

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